FAHC Has a New Web Site!

Welcome to the brand new Web site of the Fairbanks Area Hiking Club! We’ve limped along with the old site now for probably 15 years, so we’re long overdue for a makeover. We’ve migrated most of the old content from the old site that was worth migrating, and will look now to add lots new content.

In particular, we’d like to build up hiking resources in three forms:

  • Trails in Interior and northern Alaska, and perhaps beyond, that are the must-hike, classic trails of our marvelous state, or great for a day hike out of town
  • Trip reports about both club and non-club hikes full of stories and pictures
  • Books and Web resources that we rely on and can’t hike–or plan a hike–without

Together, we can make this a resource worth returning to.

And if you have Web or computer skills, we’d love your help! The site is built on WordPress, so it’s easy to create content and customize how the site works. Please contact the Web master, Don Kiely.

See you on the trail!

Send Us Trip Reports!

One of the things that i’d like to do with the new FAHC Web site is to start accumulating trip reports. Ideally, these would be more than a paragraph or two and include a few photos. Over time I’ll add some of the older ones from the old site, particularly for trails that are frequently used, to build up some nice documentation about trails.

So send in trip reports! Best is to email them to me at donkiely@computer.org. Alternatively, if you’re at least slightly tech-savvy, I can set an account for you to submit them directly. It isn’t hard; if you can use a Word processor, you can do this.